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A Comparison: CSI and Seachrome Wall Mounted Shower Seats

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Wall mounted shower seats are essential accessories that enhance accessibility and safety in bathrooms, catering to the needs of individuals with permanent or temporary limited mobility or seniors. This review article examines two brands: CSI and Seachrome wall mounted shower seats, exploring their features, benefits, and overall performance. By comparing these products, we aim to assist consumers in making an informed decision when choosing a suitable wall mounted shower seat for their specific requirements.

Shower with wall mounted seat
Shower with wall mounted seat

The demand for wall mounted shower seats has surged in recent years, driven by the increasing focus on inclusive design and universal accessibility. CSI and Seachrome are renowned manufacturers in this field, each offering a diverse range of products designed to meet various user needs. This review will delve into the individual features and benefits of CSI and Seachrome wall mounted shower seats, considering factors such as material quality, installation options, design aesthetics, and ergonomic considerations.

CSI Shower Seats:

CSI, Component Sourcing International, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, a market leader in bathroom accessories, offers a wide selection of wall mounted shower seats designed for both residential and commercial use. These seats are typically made from durable materials like stainless steel or phenolic, ensuring longevity and resistance to moisture-related issues. CSI provides a variety of mounting options, including wall mounted as well as free standing, and foldable seats, catering to different spatial constraints and user preferences. In this blog, we will be considering wall mounted shower seats only.

Additionally, CSI products often include features such as anti-slip surfaces, drainage holes, and foldable support legs, further enhancing user safety and convenience.

Seachrome Shower Seats:

Seachrome is another prominent brand recognized for its high quality

wall mounted shower seats. These seats are similarly constructed, rendering them resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for wet bathroom environments. Seachrome offers a range of ADA compliant wall mounted shower seats, ensuring compliance with accessibility regulations in both residential and public settings. Their product line includes wall mounted, corner mounted, and bench style seats, offering various options for different bathroom layouts.


Both CSI and Seachrome have similarly high rankings on the reviews for all of their products. As always, one must determine which product most closely meets their particular needs.

Material Quality and Durability:

Both CSI and Seachrome wall mounted shower seats excel in material quality

and durability. CSI's stainless steel and phenolic seats boast excellent resistance to water damage and are built to withstand heavy daily use. Seachrome's wall mounted shower seats provide similar durability, guaranteeing long-lasting performance even under high-moisture conditions. Some users may prefer the phenolic seats appreciating their non-porous surface and antimicrobial properties. Teak wood seats offer a beautiful and natural alternative for some seats. They highlight a collection of seats and accessories that are crafted using 100% heartwood grade pieces of the finest European quality Burmese teak. Seachrome has a padded white Naugahyde seat on some models which is very comfortable as well.

Installation and Mounting Options:

CSI and Seachrome offer a variety of installation and mounting options, ensuring that users can find suitable seats for their specific bathroom layouts and preferences. CSI's foldable and free-standing options are particularly popular for users who seek flexibility and ease of installation. Seachrome's adherence to ADA standards is an advantage for individuals requiring compliant seating solutions in public spaces.

Caution: All wall mounted shower seats and tub benches should have sufficient blocking behind the wall to which the unit can be attached. Do not attempt to install any wall mounted units to your shower or bathtub walls without proper backing. (Many times this can be accomplished through a wall from an adjoining wall in a closet, bedroom or hallway.)

Design and Aesthetics:

CSI and Seachrome offer wall mounted shower seats that prioritize functionality over elaborate designs. Both CSI and Seachrome offer multiple materials for the seat surface. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands may come down to personal taste and the overall bathroom decor.

Ergonomics and User Experience:

Both CSI and Seachrome wall mounted shower seats are designed with user

comfort and safety in mind. They incorporate features like textured surfaces for slip resistance, contoured designs for better weight distribution, and proper support for comfortable seating during showers. Users with specific ergonomic requirements may find value in thoroughly comparing individual models from each brand to find the most suitable option.

Pricing and Value:

When comparing prices, CSI and Seachrome wall mounted shower seats need to be compared on size, product materials used, as well as how each unit will be placed in the bathing area. These units are to be installed permanently on a particular wall. The size and function for each model will affect the pricing. However, users should consider the long-term value, as durability and functionality should outweigh the initial cost when choosing a wall mounted shower seat.


CSI and Seachrome are both reputable brands that provide reliable, durable, and

comfortable wall mounted shower seat options for individuals seeking accessibility and safety in their bathrooms. While CSI offers a broader selection of materials and designs, Seachrome shines in its compliance with ADA regulations and affordability. The choice between the two will largely depend on individual preferences, bathroom layouts, and budget constraints. Ultimately, whichever brand is selected, both CSI and Seachrome wall mounted shower seats are sure to enhance the showering experience and promote independence for users with mobility challenges.

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A wall mounted seat in the shoser
Wall Mounted Shower Seat


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