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Grab Bar Installation on Brick

A Simple Guide to Installing a Grab Bar on a Brick Wall at an Entrance to the Home.

A brik wall outside a door to a deck.
Brick Wall Outside Entrance

The homeowner needed a grab bar installed to assist stepping up and down when using this door to the deck.

Choose Grab Bar Length and Determine Placement

Usually a 12" or 18" grab bar will be sufficient for this application. It is necessary to have the homeowner help in determining the proper placement to match their height and reach. On this particular situation a grab bar with no cover over the flange is the type that would fit because of the narrow exposed end of the brick where the grab bar would be attached.

A knurled grab bar with open flange.
Grab Bar

Concrete Screw Anchors

The anchors we choose to use in this application are shown below. Tapcon screw anchors are simple and very reliable. A 5/32" drill bit and T-25 torx bit for the screws are both included in the box.

A box of Tapcon 3?16" concrete screws.
Tapcon Screws

Two bits for Tapcon screw installation.
Bits for Tapcon screws

These are very simple to use. After the grab bar is positioned properly, three holes are marked on each end. The 5/32" drill bit should be used to make a hole at least 1 1/2" deep to accommodate the screws. Then use the T-25 bit to insert the Tapcon screws snugly without over tightening.

The Finished Product

A grab bar installed on brick wall.
Grab Bar in Brick

The homeowner requested this grab bar to be placed at a high level to suit their need.

The photo below shows an installation on an outside wall at another location.

A grab bar installed on an exterior brick wall.
Grab Bar on Brick Wall

Grab bars placed on entrance areas, whether on brick or wood can be extremely helpful in assuring safety for the elderly or disabled.

Should you have need for this type of installation in the Dayton, Ohio area please contact us:

Product Assembly Services


Ask for Mike or Marie and we will be happy to assist you!

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